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Updated: 5/22 8:37 am EST
I work on commissions almost all day, every day, during the week. I take Saturday and Sundays off.
Short delay thanks to my tablet usb cable 8') Just ordered a new one (5/24)

Headshot Commissions
glassfreaks green/white dots:  75% complete by 11monsters

themandii (detailed sketched/waist-up)

Hooke (x2)
Saburwulf (x2)
Fictionalistic (x2)
Foxssed (x2)
Pudingi (x2)
Paraspriteful (x2)
Floofychu (x4)


Next batch of adoptables should be... 

155 deviants said Monsters
89 deviants said Demons again
84 deviants said Human


United States

howdy howdy hey

I use tumblr a lot, but right now my art blog is a Ferguson awareness blog kind of. I use instagram a lot now. You can find sneak peaks and WIPs there. You should follow me, I also post WIPs on twitter, but not as much as instagram, and I ramble a lot on there. I also have a furaffinity account, but I rarely ever use it.

Hey guys!

I'm still busy getting these commissions done! I updated the widget on my page, letting you know I work almost all day on every weekday. I also added the date and time when I last update, so you get a better idea of when I've reached a certain point. 

For those who are still interested in commissions and are patient enough to deal with a long-ish waiting period (I'm only saying the waiting period will actually be long because I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and say I'll get through them at a fast pace or what have you), I'll keep accepting slots for a little while. As for the reason (more insight), my step-dad finally gave us a move-out date. As exciting as that is, I've miscalculated what I need (I didn't take into consideration some obvious things lmao my fault). So, to make sure I still have SOMETHING left over, I'm going to take some more commissions. I'll just copy and paste my last commission journal so you guys can see the info again if you'd like to take a slot!


Commission Examples 2 by andaglas

Here's a fresh example of what you can expect!

  • I will be taking a large batch of headshot commissions for $50 each and +$30 for an additional character in the piece (doesn't include separate orders. If you'd like two or more, it's $50 each).
  • They will be fully lined and colored like the examples above, and will be headshots like the left and right, unless your character has very specific/interesting/important details that call for something more like the middle example.
  • I will draw: People/Humans, demons, anthro (I'm not very skilled at drawing animals, so please be warned), minimal mecha
  • I will not draw: Robots/Full mecha, portraits of real people (I'm not confident in drawing 100% from ref with this style yet and am afraid to really mess up)
Please go over my ToS before ordering!


I will be taking a much larger batch than I usually take, considering what I'm saving up for. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE WAITING PERIOD! I have a smaller batch in the works right now, and (possible) future events (after my boyfriend moves in, if I find a job, etc.) may change the waiting period. I keep everything updated in a widget on my page, so if you are ever wondering about the status of your commission, you can check there before messaging me!

Send me a note if you'd like to commission me! The order
of this list is dependent on "who-pays-first". 

5. Hooke (x2)
9. Saburwulf (x2)
13. Foxssed (x2)
14. CelesV
15. Pudingi (x2)
16. NoLifeQueen1663
17. Paraspriteful (x2)
18. Floofychu (x4)
19. rorsla1
20. "Bennich"
21. icaFTW
22. Eeren

Thank you!

I do not mind if you use my art for something like roleplaying. While I don't mind it, asking first is always appreciated. I don't bite. Honest.

I usually don't reply to comments on my page unless they are a question, but I read and appreciate all of them ♥ Thank you!


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holy shit
thank you so much for watching ;________;
I'm crying a little bit right now because you're one of my favorite artists and it's such a honor for me to be watched by you
you made my day.

Andagartful Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Goh, your works are amazing *o*
I realy love your style
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Oh goshh your art it so rad!
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Where has your art been all my life!? <3
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